CHAN, ShikTong 陳錫棠 Health Care / Freelance Consultant

– August 24th, 1957
– Macau, China
– Married to Sandy Chan-Fingal (Aruban), 4 children.
– ADDRESS: Delflandseweg 239, 3119XW Schiedam, The Netherlands
– Mobile: +31645229654

– E-mail :

– LANGUAGES: Cantonese, Enpinese, Putonghua (Mandarin), Dutch, Papiamentu,
English, German, Spanish. Studying Turkish since September 2022.
– 1957 Born in Macau, moved to Hong Kong in 1962 went to school until 5th
– grade primary.
– 1968-1978 Moved to Curaçao with parents. Peter Stuyvesant College 1972-1978.
– 1978-1982 Physical Therapist (B. Sc), Academy (The Hague)Physical Education
– and Physiotherapy
– 1983-1986 TCM-Acupuncturist, European Univ. for Traditional Chinese Medicine
– 2003-2006 Medical Science (B.Sc.), Sint Martinus University, Medical Faculty
– 2018-2019 HBO Vreemdelingenrecht. ABC Opleiding (Curaçao)

– Manual Therapy (Kaltenborn-Evjenth concept) (1986);
– •Spinal Mechanical Therapy, certificate – A (1994) and certificate-B (1996);
– •Bioresonance Therapy (1997).
– •Manual Mobilization (Mulligan)(1998);
– •Advanced Cranio Sacral Therapy (1998).
– • Advanced Visceral Manipulation & Practical Integration (1999).
– •BioSET Allergy and Stress Elimination Therapy Advanced (2000).
– •Sensory Stimulation/Medical Acupuncture – E. Haker, assoc. Prof. Sweden (2000); –
– •Certified Independent Research Associate/Nutritional Microscopist-Innerlight Biological
Research Found., UT USA (2001).
– •RSI Management (2002).
– •Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP) (2003).
– *World Capital Market – Investment
– Certified Dry Needling/Biomedical Acupuncture – Colorado 2012, F. Timmermans 2013;
– HBO Vreemdelingenrecht 2019
– Auriculotherapie – Amersfoort NL 2022

– 1972-1978 During secondary school, employed as cook in his father’s restaurant.
– 1982-1984 Physiotherapist in various private practices in The Hague/The
– 1984-1987 Employed in a” REHA Clinic” in Bad Salzdethfurt, Germany. German
Licensed Krankengymnast.

– 1987-July 2022 Established as physical therapist/acupuncturist, practicing in own clinic in Curaçao
– 2022 – Moved to Holland. Since August/September. Founding of Nedfenix (ZZP) at KvK Rotterdam.
• Independent professional at Chinese Medical Center Tasly Group Amsterdam Shenzhou Open University Clinic as Acupuncturist / TCM Practitioner. And also
• Clinical Supervisor for TCM students
• Independent professional at YorBody Fysiotherapie. Grote Markt, Den Haag and Lijnbaan, Rotterdam NL as Physical Therapist and Acupuncturist.
• Independent professional at Praktijk Westenberg in Ridderkerk NL as Physical Therapist and Acupuncturist.

– •Board member Curaçao Assoc.of Physiotherapists (CVF)(1989-1997); •Observer for
– the CVF in Washington during convention of the World Confederation for Physical
– Therapy (WCPT)(1995); •Delegate for the CVF in Puerto Rico for the NACR conference
– (1996);
– •President of the Commission for Intern. Relation of the CVF (1997-2004);
– •President of the organization committee North American and Caribbean Region of the
– WCPT (NACR)conference on Curaçao (1999);
– •Organizing member Seminar ‘Sensory Stimulation’ for physicians and physical
– therapists (1999-2000) with Prof E Hager (Karolinska Institute, Sweden).
– Consultant for different organizations and the local Chinese community.
– 2019 Diploma HBO Vreemdelingenrecht (ABC Opleidingen Curaçao) Consultant For

– Interpreter for Chinese in court cases (since1987) in Curaçao.
– 2007-2010 Chairman board of commissioners Public Library Curacao (Openbare
– 2007 – present Freelance Business Consultant for Chinese firms, CURINDE nv
– Curacao, SZV St Maarten and other local organizations,
– 2018 – present Consultant and counselor for immigrants (Vreemdelingenrecht)
– President Dutch Caribbean China Cooperative Foundation (sub CCUF)
– Counselor and Press Speaker for Curacao Chinese Union Foundation CCUF.
– Re-organized the CCUF, Curacao Chinese Enterprises Union CCEU, Chinese Union’s
Women Organization, Curacao Chinese School, Dutch Caribbean with China Cooperative
Foundation (President), Curacao China Travel Agency.
– Representative in the board of Vereniging Bedrijfsleven Curacao VBC for the
Curacao Chinese Enterprises Union CCEU.
-Representative for Curaçao Chinese Union Foundation in The Netherlands since August 2022.
– •Curaçao Assoc. of Physiotherapists (CVF);
– •Antillean Association for Naturopathy (AVN):
– •Royal Neth. Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF); BIG registered.
– •Neth. Assoc. for Acupuncture (NVA)
– *TCMned (Association Traditional Chinese Medicine Netherlands)
– •International Acupuncture Assoc. for Physical Therapist (IAAPT);
– •Rotary Club Curaçao (2003- 2010)
– * Board member Willem4 foundation with the coalition CDCF/ China Dutch
Caribbean Friendship (since 2013)
-Board member of Netherlands Enping Chinese Association.

HOBBIES: Aquarist, Gastronomy, History, World Capital Market, Global Politics & Culture & History, Financial Developments, languages, Calligraphy.